Mesothelioma Victim's Rights

How to get help for you and your family

In addition to causing pain and suffering, mesothelioma causes economic hardship for victims and their families. Few mesothelioma victims are able to continue working once they are diagnosed. At the same time, they face staggering medical bills. Many mesothelioma victims are diagnosed after they have retired. Others face the hardship of having no health insurance to cover their enormous medical expenses. Many mesothelioma victims must turn to the court system to obtain the money to pay for their medical expenses and to see that their families are taken care of.

Most mesothelioma victims have never been involved in a lawsuit before. The process of selecting a lawyer to handle a lawsuit on your behalf is extremely important. There are several factors you should consider in selecting your lawyer. First, you should find out if the lawyer you contact will be the one who will handle your case or whether he or she will "refer" it to someone else. Many mesothelioma victims sign contracts with lawyers only to find out that their cases are being transferred to another law firm.

Second, the lawyers' record in trying and settling asbestos cases should be considered. Although past results are no guarantee of success in your case, they may at least be an indication that the lawyer has handled similar cases to a successful conclusion. To read a newspaper article discussing what is believed to be the largest verdict ever in an asbestos case, please visit this asbestos lawsuit article.

Third, you must consider the location in which you plan to sue. Many states have laws that are very restrictive of an injured person's right to compensation. Other states, such as Texas, are well known for being fair and even-handed to asbestos victims. The first product liability cases against manufacturers of asbestos were filed in Texas. Texas courts lead the nation in providing speedy trial settings for mesothelioma victims. This is critical because it increases the likelihood that a mesothelioma victim will live to see their day in court.

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